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The Seductive Pink Crystal

Enter the Fast Paced World of Addiction Medicine and get health and wellness tips as well. 

View Life And Death Situations in the Daily Lives Of People Living with the Constant challenges that coincides with Substance Use Disorders and get a Panoptic  view of their Trials, Tragedies and Triumphs.

Isaac Alexis M.D., completed a Post Doctorate Certification in Trauma Surgery at Cornell University. He also served as chairman of the quality improvement committee. He also has A Number Of Years of Addiction Medicine under his belt. Dr Alexis through his Work in Addiction Medicine has rescued hundreds of patients from overdosing EVERY month.

He also has been an attending physician in Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist as well as Primary care physician at the Area Hospital  treating one month old babies to 95 year old WW II Veterans.

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Life and Death Behind the Brick and Razor: Code Red Diamond

Enter the fast paced world of correctional medicine and get health & wellness tips as well. Also great pointers strategically geared on assisting teenagers and
adolescents on how to best FIGHT against drugs, STD’s and so much more!

meet the author:
isaac Alexis, MD


Isaac Alexis, MD, completed an internship in trauma surgery at Cornell University at New York Hospital of Queens. Dr. Alexis served as medical director at the Department of Justice as well as director of infection control and chair of the quality improvement medical committee. He has several years of correctional medicine under his belt.

Dr. Alexis's book Life and Death behind the Brick and Razor-Code Red Diamond relays his experiences as a physician in correctional medical facilities while also challenging teenagers to make better decisions to avoid the perils of incarceration.

He also served as an Attending Physician in Emergency Medicine and Hospitalist as well as Rural Primary Care Physician at Rural Hospitals - treating 1 week old Babies to 95 Year Old WWII Veterans.

Also served as the Personal Physician for the Director Of The West Virginia State Police and did this job with DISTINCTION. He also serves as Medical Director in Addiction Medicine and Director Of Infection Control Rescuing hundreds of lives from Fatal Drug Overdoses each month.



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Health & Wellness Online Subscription Service

Delicious Jerked Jamaican Turkey Drumsticks

Physician Approved - Delicious Jerked Jamaican Turkey Drumsticks that Improves Mood, Brain & Gut Health while simultaneously Relieving Insomnia.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Doctor Approved to fight Clinical Depression , Anxiety and Tastes Amazing.

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Monthly Medical Wellness Package

Have low energy? or want to lose weight? Or have other health issues?

Dr Isaac Alexis will help you with effective ways to get improvement. I will work with you one-on-one to detail effective ways to improve energy and lose weight and will walk with you for one hour. 

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Looking for a speaker for an upcoming event? Dr. Isaac Alexis M.D. can help.

Sample topics:

  • Medical wellness

  • Diet, exercise, and weight loss

  • STD prevention in our young people

  • Peer pressure and gangs

  • Correctional medicine

  • Helping teenagers make better decisions to avoid the perils of incarceration

  • or many more

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Scott Sloan On Demand - Dr. Isaac Alexis begins at: 66:57



The Gateway To Health by Way Of PREBIOTICS.


New Treatment Modalities

Remove The Stigma Of Opiod Addiction

In Order to Preserve Lives



Water Balm for Sleep.jpg

Water Balm for Sleep


There are just some nights you want to sleep but just can’t. Ever wonder why? Rest assured. You are not alone. Take for example my patient Sally (Not her real name)…

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Jesus Christ Loves Drums

Audio CD by Isaac Alexis

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“The Sleeping Pill That Actually Tastes Great And Prevents Muscle And Leg Spasms at Night Once You Sleep!”

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

We all love Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, but they are more then just a tasty treat! Strawberries have potassium minerals that decrease cramps and spasms in your legs at night making you sleep without being awoken SUDDENLY By a SUDDEN Muscle Spasm.

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