Fatigue That won’t – Go!


Many people tell me all the time that they are feeling so tired all of the time and they wonder why? I usually start out by asking them how many hours of sleep they get each night and if its less than 8 hours that can be an issue. If they are getting more than eight hours but still tire I dig deeper into the matter. Is it Thyroid issues we can usually get a TSH Level which stands for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone level of maybe they are under a lot of Psycho-Social stressors or maybe its their Diet. If low functioning Thyroid I recommend getting supplementation with Synthroid and an improved Diet. What Diet is this you may be thinking?

I myself start the day with 30 to 40 Blueberries [ Which are Rich in Phenol and Anthocyanin Antioxidants  and are excellent in People with Diabetes and has an overall Low Glycemic Index and keeps arteries from clogging with oxidized LDL cholesterol. Also there was an Increase in Cognitive Aptitude in those above 70 years of age who consumed 2 to 3 cups of Blueberries daily for 3 months], Cucumbers 1 to 2 of them , 1 tomato , some seedless grapes and some romaine lettuce mixed with kale. For protein I may add some cashews and peanuts. This not only give me energy from all the Vitamin C but I also stay fuller for longer time expanses because of the Fiber that is in these foods. The cucumber also is dense with water and I feel very hydrated as I am running from patient to patient. I also manage to bring 10 cups of water daily and feel very energized by doing this . Those days when I don’t drink enough water I start to get tightness in in my neck and come down with a headache with profound fatigue. Let’s get back to Vitamin C. The recommended daily allowance is 60mg/day. If more than 1 gram per day is taken then the body only takes in 50% and the rest is excreted in the urine. The best ways to get Vitamin C is oranges, berries, dark leafy green vegetables, tomatoes,kiwi, bell peppers. During the day the best I stay energized is by taking Vitamin C enriched foods every 90 minutes and I FEEL SUPERCHARGED!!!! I prefer to stay away from Carbs and eat these above mentioned Vitamin C Foods that are also water dense TOO!!! They serve my TWO Criteria for staying ALERT- A) WATER is in these fruits and vegetables that keep me HYDRATED that will always win the WAR against Fatigue. B)Vitamin C is used to HELP the Human Body Absorb Iron and then Iron is the Building Block of the Oxygen Carrying Protein called Hemoglobin that then carries the Oxygen in our Red Blood Cells. Not enough vitamin C and you won’t even have the oxygen in your blood stream and without the oxygen you will be PROFOUNDLY TIRED!! Also Vitamin C aids the conversion of fat to energy by utilizing this transporter called carnitine to the mitochondria which is the powerhouse of the cell. You probably remember your old biology teacher back in the day that said to you as his student in class- I’m going to ask all of you Ladies & Gentlemen what is the powerhouse of the human cell. That’s right the mitochondria!!! Acetyl-L-Carnitine improve brain function and carnitine, L-Carnitine increases energy levels and Propionyl-L-carnitine increases the blood circulation.

Another Battle Component ofFatigue is the Mindset of Fatigue. What do I mean by that? Just because you may feel tired [and I’m not going to deny you that you genuinely may feel tired] does not mean you have to adopt that mindset that you WILL REMAIN TIRED. There is Good News! I f you just get up from where you are and walk 100 feet away into a new environment and mentally tell yourself- “I’m Refreshed” and keep doing that throughout the day you will create a POSITIVE Biofeedback mechanism that your body and mind will believe! Do not base everything on feelings. You will deceive yourself that way! Sometimes you have to permeate through and above the box. As you master the psychological warfare of fatigue minute by minute, hour by hour and then day by day you will inevitably WIN!!!

I have also have gotten sharp pains in my kidneys if I don’t drink enough water and get this overwhelming sense of the day getting longer out of proportion to how the day is actually passing chronologically speaking. Lets revisit cucumber for a moment. Cucumbers help in reducing the BAD LDL Cholesterol, Contains a  hormone for helping the Pancreas make Insulin lowers uric acid levels and this of course is good news for GOUT SUFFERERS. Also it helps with HTN -in stabilizing it via Potassium and after frequent use will DISSOLVE Kidney stones and assists with weight loss [which exponentially adds to weight loss]. Now That’s Amazing!