Nichole T.jpg


“I immensely enjoy the care here-Dr. Alexis is the best Doctor!”

Ms. Nichole T.

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“The Treatment I receive is total under Dr. Alexis-Not only medically but the caring he gives is 110% which is what we need as recovering people-NOT just as patients!”

Mr. Tommy D.



“The care I receive under Dr. Alexis is one of a kind -no matter how many patients he sees I am never treated as a number. Truly world class care”.

Tonetta T.


“Dr. Alexis renders great care and even incorporates the Bible which in and of itself has helped tremendously with my cravings and has kept me on the straight and narrow road of a Great Recovery!”

Matthew D.


“ Dr.  Alexis  first prayed to Jesus  Then - Dr. Alexis helped me with a Medical issue that other doctors were trying to figure out for over a year- he took care of it utilizing a Very Intensive 30 day Medical Regimen  and as a result I can work at this New Job that pays better and is giving me more Working hours!”

Mr.  T.R.


“Dr. Alexis helped me live a fuller and more enriched life. I now have more energy, gained weight which I was trying to do and I feel so happy!”

Tabetha T.

"I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Dr. Alexis used a Naturopathic Tonic that gave me my energy back - and now I don't have to drink soda just to stay awake!"

Brian A.

"Dr. Alexis utilizes Naturopathic means for my family and I. My son had Croup and was coughing like crazy - After I discussed my case with Dr. Alexis he designed a tailor made treatment plan and I used it on my son and his croup totally was GONE!"

Leigha W.

"I have COPD and could not breathe during the night so I discussed a Naturopathic Plan Of care with Dr. Alexis - not only could I breath better at night and sleep well I actually didn't have the rattle in my chest during the daytime!"

Peter L.

"I would find myself just dragging through the day with no motivation or Energy and I did not sleep well at night. After Consulting with Dr. Alexis and his Naturopathic Methods - I now sleep much better and have way more energy during the day-he's amazing!"

Michelle T.

"I'm a coal miner and could not breathe at all - So I stopped by Dr. Alexis office and he devised A Natural Medicine that actually enabled me to cough up small chunks of coal that was causing the problem. Needless to say I breathed way better!"

Mark A.